Our Story

In 2003 David White founded White Business Advisors, a diverse and highly qualified group of like-minded entrepreneurs that assist businesses with strategic planning and the creation of a solid operational infrastructure and management. The firm was established to guide clients through the sometimes-difficult steps of creating or maintaining, a successful enterprise through extensive, customized services to early-stage enterprises.


David White

David White


Founder of White Services Group LLC, which includes White Business Advisors utilizing 24 years of experience in project management and business development services to meet the needs of businesses from various industries. Previously served as:

  • — Co-Founder/Partner in ProjEx Industrial Management, a high-tech facilities project management and consulting firm that grew to manage over $50 million in client projects with clients that included BOC Edwards, Motorola, and Sematech before selling his interest when the company transitioned to become a conventional construction management group.
  • — Program Director for Sterling Energy Operations
  • — Senior Project Manager for Mega Systems
  • — Project Engineer for Athens Corp (later IPEC/Clean) in the semiconductor manufacturing sector
  • — Nuclear Machinery and Electrical Systems Expert, Nuclear Welder, and Senior Enlisted Watchman in the US Navy
Nelson Ramirez

Nelson Ramirez

General Manager

General Manager for White Services Group LLC he oversees projects, creates and develops content, and utilizes his network to connect clients with services and professionals to fit their needs. He has a background in multi-media as well as small business management, privileged license application preparation, and a thorough knowledge of the structures that regulate multiple business types, including cannabis. His experience includes:

  • — Co-Founder of WIN Media LLC
  • — Marketing Director for Render Steel LLC
  • — Founder of Morning Coffee Productions LLC
  • — Producer/Photographer/Graphic Designer for Forgotten Not Gone
  • — Director of Operations for 1905 Film Studios
  • — Chief Estimator for Construction companies
  • — Served as Quartermaster in the US Navy
Patrice Sowers

Patrice Sowers

Compliance Specialist

As a Compliance Specialist for White Services Group LLC, Patrice brings over 25 years of business experience in Nevada as well as other states to the company where she utilizes her experience in business management, compliance, project management, marketing, and a thorough understanding of the privileged license application process. Her experience includes:

  • — Executive Vice President of Operations and Compliance Officer for a Nevada licensed cultivator and producer
  • — A working relationship with regulatory agencies where she provided insight into developing regulations and implementing them in a compliant company
  • — Architect and Project Manager on numerous resort/casino constructions including her role as Managing Principal at Vdara
  • — She holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Bachelor of Architecture
Rene Watson

Rene Watson

Project Manager

As a Project Manager for White Services Group LLC, Rene brings experience creating and managing businesses both foreign and domestic, connecting clients to a network of service providers to fit our client’s needs, a background in operational and medical staff management from over 10 years of working in hospitals, clinics, and medical day spas. Her experience includes:—

  • Vice President of Japan America Society of Nevada
  • Manufacturing Process Consultants
  • — Global Ambassador and Senior Executive Manager for the Jackson Family Foundation
    & Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation, working with high-level contacts
    both in the political sphere and entertainment worldwide to coordinate and develop
    events and partnerships.
  • — She is a member of a United Nations Economic Social Council Consultative Status
Shawn Meisser

Shawn Meisser

Developer/Project Manager

Project Manager/ Developer for White Services Group LLC, he has designed and managed websites for 5 years serving a diverse clientele that includes:

  • Local businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Charities
  • His thorough knowledge helps simplify the process of building websites and provides continued maintenance and supportive services to our clients.
  • Customer Relations Management, Web Hosting Management, System Administration